DRILLING OPERATIONS on the territory of RK and outside


The Aus-Can Company

The “Auscan drilling” company specializes exclusively in providing drilling services in the geological survey field. The company started its operation in early 2010, today the “Auscan Drilling” provides drilling services for the main minerals of Kazakhstan, including gold, copper, molybdenum, tungsten, platinum, iron ore and coal.

The Auscan is a truly Kazakhstan-based company which is proud of its outstanding and exemplary quality of provided services to its customers, who have top priority and are appreciated the most.

Drilling units may vary in different technical parameters allowing the “Auscan drilling” to offer each client a profit making decision taking into account individual characteristics and requirements. Drilling devices have the ability to drill vertical, inclined core wells, as well as boreholes with orientation and detailed geotechnical description of core. The “Auscan drilling” has experience in geological surveys in the most difficult climatic conditions, both in mountain and flat ground.

  • At the market since 2010
  • Updated
  • 120 000
    drilled meters
  • Strong team

Safety regulations

Safety of our employees is our priority!

The safety of our employees and all persons involved into the work process is number one concern. The phrase “DO NOT HARM”, which is a kind of mantra for our company, covers safety regulations, work safety and environment protection where the Auscan drilling operates, and which is a priority in each aspect of activity. We believe that no material or other benefit can justify or compensate harm inflection or death of people.

The “DO NOT HARM” principle applies not only to our employees, but also to all those we interact with in our daily activities, including community and working environment.

The company adheres a risk-based approach according to which each potential risk is fixed, estimated and appropriate risk reduction measures are taken in relation to it. The risk reduction process is an approach which takes into account all employees, equipment and behavior at the work site. Our fatal risk control protocol has been developed and implemented to solve the underlying problems that increase the risk of death in daily activities and form the basis for our “DO NOT HARN” approach.


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